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Urban Pursuits

The Gateway Cities of India, particularly Delhi and Mumbai, have much to offer travellers who would like to spend some time getting to know them. International cities buzzing with life, they are definitely worth some in depth exploration. They make good starting places for your journey into India, or alternatively can be the place to pull all your experiences together at the end of your visit – or for committed urbanites, a complete destination themselves.


There is so much to do, see, sample, experience, explore. They offer many opportunities for cultural encounters – music, dance, theatre, cinema, lectures, museums and galleries. There are innumerable restaurants, many internationally recognized, providing diverse cuisines and the chance for gastronomic exploration and indulgence. There are outstanding possibilities for shopping in a variety of atmospheric markets, shopping centers, small shops and smart boutiques. You can explore the backstreets of Old Delhi, and visit lessor known antiquities. And for those who can keep going into the night, there is also a lively and growing bar scene with trendy watering holes and a choice of smart music clubs.




All of this is, of course, on top of the historic sites and places of interest that would be part of any visit to these great cities. We’ll be happy to discuss your personal interests with regard to urban pursuits in planning your itinerary.