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Spa Treatments & Retreats

Throughout India there are many spas and retreats where you can be refreshed and rejuvenated in serene cossetted comfort, far away from stressful daily life. The character and type of treatments and therapies offered vary greatly depending on the type of spa you choose.


At a dedicated Health Spa, the whole environment is geared toward the cornerstones of the spa experience: mind and body fitness, healthy eating, relaxation and rejuvenating treatments. You generally go there for at least two or three nights and immerse yourself in the spa atmosphere. At a Spa Resort, the spa facilities and treatments are often one of many options provided, which may also include exercise and/or sports facilities, gastronomic experiences or cultural performances.




Ayurvedic Health Resorts are dedicated to providing the benefits of treatments and therapies based on traditional oil massage that has been used to improve health for over five thousand years. A Medical or Medi-Spa is a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa that operates under the supervision of a medical doctor. They tend to have a more clinical atmosphere than day spas with a focus on cosmetic or health improvements, but often offer a selection of relaxing therapies such as massage and beauty treatments.


Many of the hotels we use and recommend, which are not listed in the Spa & Well-Being pages of the brochure, also have their own in-house spas offering a range of options. The link below takes you to a list of recommended spas but there are many more. Please contact us for further spa listings or to request full details of individual spas, retreats and hotels with spa facilities.