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Artistic Expression

Spirals and curvaceous lines, vines and tendrils, voluptuous goddesses, circular amulets, colored gemstones, arches and domes, haloed deities, crescent moons, and the globe of the sun…..Indian artistic expression illustrates the all-encompassing nature of Indian culture.


It embodies the social, political and religious influences that have developed and evolved alongside of Indian civilization. It is a fusion of indigenous and external influences but with a unique character and distinctiveness of its own.




Examples of India’s exuberant artistic creations are everywhere – in architecture, in beautiful embellished textiles that adorn the people and their homes, in cave paintings, wall murals and painted havelis, in public sculptures and landscaping, in dance, music, theater and film performances, in spectacular festivals and religious celebrations, in the fine arts, in folk art, and in the work of skilled craftsmen from every age. It is one of the joys of visiting India, an exotic visual or auditory feast.


If you have specific artistic or cultural interests, would like to attend an arts related exhibition or performance, or make time in your holiday to visit particular museums, festivals or events, we will be happy discuss this when planning your itinerary.