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Activity & Adventure

Activity & Adventure can come in many forms, durations and intensities. For those who would like a physically active, challenging or adventurous aspect included as part their holiday in India or the subcontinent, there is a fantastic range of choice available.


A vast landmass, the sub-continent encompasses a broad spectrum of geographic environments and climatic variations – desert, forest, river and wetland, mangrove, mountain, foothill, coast - each offering individual opportunities to get moving and experience nature and local culture up close. This can be the whole holiday or add an element of contrast to more gentle touring or complete relaxation.




Possibilities range from easy walking on spice or tea plantations to epic hiking across mountain ranges, exhilarating white water rafting to camel safaris, wind surfing to game viewing on elephant back, horse or jeep safaris to explore remote villages off the beaten path to snorkeling or diving a coral reef - the list goes on… Of course, activity can include sport of many kinds including water sports, tennis, golf, general fitness and yoga.


Knowing where to start is not always obvious. How will it fit with your itinerary? What level of fitness is required? What choices are there in a specific area? We will be happy to discuss and advise concerning how you might include an activity or adventure as part of your itinerary. The links below provide a few examples.